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Sale of proprietary plugins

Plugins for WordPress

Sirvelia delivers its magic potion: a wide variety of plugins available to help you adapt to an environment that changes minute by minute, second by second.

We've researched and delved into the hidden depths of WordPress, like seeking out the X on a treasure map, or diving for lost diamonds on the ocean floor.

Start downloading the best WordPress plugins and WooCommerce plugins ever!

Free WordPress plugins
Free WordPress plugins

Unleash your company’s potential in digital channels. Vitalize all of WordPress’ options and squeeze the most out of its capabilities.

Specific WordPress plugins for online stores and businesses that need to operate with WooCommerce.

And free of charge! What more could you ask for?

Gutenberg block templates

Custom block templates

Create and setup Gutenberg block templates for your posts and pages.


WooCommerce audio playlist

An audio player with playlist for WooCommerce products.

CSV tables

Simple CSV tables

With Simple CSV Tables you’ll be able to register unlimited CSV files.

Import and display as many tables as you want.

Premium plugins
Premium plugins

Special made at home plugins.

Exactly what you had always dreamed of.

WordPress React Plugin
React plugin

We combine the latest techniques with the use of React, state-of-the-art technology that is gaining more and more momentum.

What are its main

Complex interfaces

Focus on building complex interfaces


The future of WordPress and the Gutenberg Engine

It improves exponentially

Exponentially improve your website’s performance

Long live React WordPress technology

Sine qua non
Continuous support

Sirvelia is committed to providing you with ongoing and tailor-made support.

We improve day by day

We listen to all the feedback we receive from our customers so that we can continue to improve day by day.

Beta Tester

You can become one of our Beta Testers to have access to big discounts.

Constant research

Our ongoing research strives to find thousands of new solutions.

Licenses and upgrades

We have a proprietary licensing system and automatic updates for our cherished plugins.

Want to get the plugin you’ve always dreamt of?

Don’t worry. We’ll create an exclusive WordPress plugin just for you. Special, different, unique and functional.

Our developments are both effective and practical.

Does your business idea involve WordPress plugins?

If we partner up to develop and code WordPress plugins together, we’ll make the best team ever.

Ask for an online quote!

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