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Audio Playlist Plugin for WooCommerce

Audio Playlist Plugin for Woocommerce

There are many ways to implement an audio playlist in WordPress and WooCommerce.

When looking for a solution to create audio playlists, you should pay attention to how to control music playback.

Plugin to create an audio playlist in WooCommerce

In Sirvelia we have developed a new plugin for the WordPress(.org) repository, focused exclusively on offering the option to register Samples (audios) in WooCommerce Products, to be able to listen to them on any page of the online store.

Download Audio Playlist Plugin for WooCommerce

Use of the plugin

Like any WordPress plugin, you can download it directly from the plugin directory or the Plugins menu of your WordPress installation.

Note: you must have WooCommerce installed to be able to use the plugin.

download audio playlist plugin wordpress
Download audio playlist plugin for WordPress

The Playlist will be associated with each specific Product, in which you can add as many audios as you want.

playlist woocommerce

You can sort the audios in the playlist, and edit it at any time.

How to sell music in WordPress
How to sell music in WordPress

Finally, when you access the front of the Product, you will automatically have a space with all the songs and the option to play them individually or the entire playlist.

You can control the playback with a bar fixed at the bottom, on any page of the website.

Finally, the plugin uses a cookie to store the playback status, so it will be saved even if you browse other pages of the site.

Download the plugin to create audio playlist in WooCommerce and WordPress. Add audios in your WooCommerce products with this plugin.

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